The finest turboprop simulation ever produced for Microsoft Flight SimulatorX
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PMDG Simulations, LLC.

The finest turboprop simulation ever produced for Microsoft Flight SimulatorX, take your flying to a lower flight level with the PMDG BAe JetStream 4100! This package comes packed with accurately modeled flight dynamics, realistic TPE-331-14 engine model and a unique, custom airframe icing model (speed dependendant acretion and sublimation.)

The PMDG BAe JetStream 4100 also brings an all new level of detail and relism to the virtual cockpit. Photo-textured animation processess bring an unprecedented level of realism to the virtual cockpit with practically no detail loss when zooming in for a closer look.

Designed to bring a new level of realism to "regional flying" the PMDG BAe JetStream 4100 will provide a challenging new flight experience to even the most seasoned simmer. Not used to managing engine temperatures while making extended climbs through precipitation during the summer time? You will learn to keep a close eye on the EGT gauge, and plan your climbs and descents effectively as you pilot this realistic performing turboprop on short-haul flights around your favorite destinations in the world.

Designed with a whole new approach to providing visual realism, the PMDG BAe JetSteram 4100 comes packed with sounds recorded from the airplane flight deck using the latest in digital technology.

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